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anterior knee pain and shoulder pain specialist EFFECTIVE TREATMENT

Physiotherapy is a rapidly evolving science and, like all branches of medical science, treatment falls in to one of three categories:

1. Treatment that has been proven to be effective

2. Treatment that has not yet been proven to be effective

3. Treatment that has been proven to be ineffective

Unfortunately the latter category includes a significant section of common physiotherapy practice, as demonstrated by numerous academic research articles. At The Medical Centre we guarantee never to use any treatment techniques or approaches that research has shown to be ineffective. Presently, most physiotherapy treatments fall in to the second category. As far as science allows, we will always seek to use treatments of proven effectiveness.

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anterior knee pain and shoulder pain specialist HOW?
We do this in three ways. Firstly, by always keeping up to date with advances in research and treatment. Secondly, by regularly updating our skills via research projects and postgraduate courses. Thirdly, by constantly monitoring our success rates. We audit our figures on a monthly basis and, unique amongst physiotherapy clinics in this country, we now have detailed figures going back nearly 28 years. These currently show that 92% of patients have completely recovered within an average of 2.11 treatment sessions.

If we do not think that physiotherapy is appropriate for you or is not the most effective treatment available, we will discuss this with you. We guarantee never to give you strengthening exercises when you are not weak, stretches when you are not stiff, manipulate when you have a full range of movement and, importantly, will never plug you in to a machine for no apparent reason. If appropriate, we will refer you on to other clinical specialists. We have extensive knowledge of and good contact with other clinicians in the South of England and will be able to refer you to the most appropriate surgeon, physician, podiatrist etc for your particular condition.